Friday, November 30, 2012

A's Busy Fall

A has had a busy fall for a first grader.  He is definitely learning to state his mind and is full of adventure.
 A has been having a hard time figuring out reading.  He began complaining early in the fall that he was having trouble seeing, that things were blury.  We took him to see the eye doctor, fearing the worst, since his Dad and Mom both wear glasses.
 A's vision is 20/20.  His problem is not his vision itself but his eyes are having to work a little harder at focusing.  This is due to growing.  Nothing serious.  He was bummed that he didn't need glasses, Mom and Dad were thrilled.

Aidan earned his Little Kicks Blackbelt over the summer.  This fall he tested out of the Little Kicks program (a year early) and moved up to the official white belt class.  He is now on the path to earning his Black Belt in Taekwondo.  He loves being in the older class but is a little intimidated since he is the smallest kid in the class.  He is doing great.

A is doing well in school.  He is not as excited about school as B is but he is getting there.  He really likes some of the new curriculum we have gotten this year.  He loves all of his classes at school.  He is learning so much this year.  I am so proud of how hard he is working.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

B's Busy Fall

Here is a post about our Curly Girly and her busy fall...
B has been growing so much this fall.  She is quite a 'girly' girl and would wear dresses every day if Mom would let her.  (Let's face it Preschool is much more fun to enjoy in jeans, especially playing outside).  She is a charming little model in all things Curly Girly.

D and B are slowly becoming buddies.  They have had their issues and still can fight quite a bit but as D gets older they are discovering more and more things they can do together.

One of her rare, bashful moments in front of the camera.

 Early in the fall B came down with a miserable cold.  She was sick for over a week.  Vicks was her friend that week.
Such a goof and quick to make friends wherever she goes.  B can't wait until next year when she is old enough to go to the "big kids'" school as an actual student, not just a sister.  In the meantime she likes to play in the family room while the older two are in class.

B is such a great helper.  Especially when mommy is making something yummy like Brownies.

B has become quite the budding artist this fall.  Her pictures have matured quite a bit and I no longer find myself having to ask "Can you tell me about your picture?" just so I can discern what her scribbles are suppose to be.

Here is B on her first day of preschool.  She was a preschool expert this year.  She was quite proud to be the one to show the new students the classroom and schedule.

B is so eager to learn and do schoolwork with the older two.  I have had a hard time keeping up with her.  I had to order her Kindergarten curriculum early, she was already ready to dive in.  By the time she is in Kindergarten she will be doing some First Grade work.  I am amazed at how excited she is to learn and how quickly she picks things up.

Our budding model.  B loves to have her hair done and model Mom's new dresses.  It doesn't help that her closet is slowly filling up with handmade dresses from Mom.

Monday, November 26, 2012

D's Busy Fall

Here is a post...all about D...

Can you tell that our little dude is growing up?  He is getting so big and his little personality is just getting bigger and bigger.  He is so sweet and such a stinker all at once.

Here is D at the doctor's office after his check up.  That grin of his gets him out of more trouble then Dad and I would ever admit, LOL!

See here he is, big boy!  He is already in size 3T and it won't be long before he is into 4T.  A couple of A's shirts went directly from his dresser to D's.  D and B wear the same size shoe.

D loves to build and play with train tracks.  Every time he goes to work with Mom at the Toy Store he builds a train track.  
Yes our youngest boy has a head full of curly blonde hair, even after two haircuts it just keeps curling.  When we let it get a little long he looks like a little surfer boy.  So adorable!

No longer taking naps because he can't miss anything during the day, D sleeps hard all night long.
D loves going to the "big kids'" school.  Especially when he gets to hang out in the family room and play with all the toys.  It is hard to believe that in less then a year he will be in preschool already

Like I said, D plays until he just can't anymore.  There are nights when I find him sleeping in the weirdest places and positions.

D is going to make an amazing father one day.  He loves playing with B's baby dolls, he even changes their diapers and clothes.  He is so sweet and tender-hearted.

D is talking more and more every day.  He is saying things much clearer and is getting a little less shy although he still doesn't say much in public.  He is very good at saying "No!" and "Stop That!"

One of D's new favorite things to do is play dress-up.  He loves to sword fight (although look out he is fierce), put on costumes and run through the house growling.  He has such an active imagination for a two year old.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

Last year we were so busy that Christmas was just a blur.  This year I wanted to slow down and enjoy Christmas with the kids.  So right after Thanksgiving was finished we went right to work getting into the Christmas Spirit.

The first thing on the agenda was baking sugar cookies.  This is something the kids love to do throughout the holidays so they couldn't wait to start our Christmas baking a little early this year.  Nana came over to join the fun.

After dinner, while the cookies cooled, we got out the Christmas decorations.  The kids were so excited to have the Christmas tree up and to pull out their favorite decorations from years past.  We kept the decorations simple this year.  The kids were a little disappointed but Mom is really enjoying not as much Christmas clutter, so a simpler Christmas might just become the new tradition.

B insisted on wearing her princess dress to decorate the tree because only princesses can decorate Christmas trees properly.

This year I swapped out our gold ornaments for fun green ones.  The kids were very excited about this and love the new look to our Christmas tree.

The tree turned out gorgeous.  The kids did an awesome job.  I did have to do a little rearranging once they were in bed.  Twelve ornaments on one branch just doesn't look right.  ;)

Such a couple of goofs!  My favorite Christmas gifts hiding under the tree!  I love those two!

We had so much fun decorating Christmas cookies this year.  The kids might have gone a little nuts with the sprinkles but it was worth it.  The cookies were adorable and delicious.  Of course in a matter of days they were gone but that just means we get to make cookies again.  =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours...Here are a few of the treats we've made for the holiday.

Enjoy your day with family and friends.  May God bless you this Holiday Season.