Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gingerbread Houses & Craft Fails

You can't make Gingerbread Houses without some Peppermint Hot Chocolate.  =)  (Seriously, I am addicted to this stuff.)

It has been YEARS since we decorated Gingerbread Houses.  We used to go to a friend's house and have a little Gingerbread Making Party but since they moved this tradition has gotten a little lost.  It was time to revive it this year.  So we got a pile of candy, a couple of kits, the ABCD+2 neighbors and got busy building.

This is his new "cheese" face.  Totally cracks me up.  He was so excited that he got to decorate his house.  That boy had a blast decorating his little A-Frame.

B was so excited that she got a little house to herself to decorate.  She got quite creative in her decorating too.

 A and C's houses were a bit more complicated to put together.  I had B and D's houses done and almost decorated by the time they were halfway done putting theirs together.  The girls' house fell apart and had to be undecorated, demolished and re-assembled.

Such serious concentration was going on at the boys side of the table.  They had their design all planned out even before they began building it.  Typical boys.  =)

A was so proud of his house.  He did a great job for being two.  Of course the whole thing collapsed when he started picking off the candy and licking the icing, LOL!

Here is B's adorable little cottage.  It turned out so cute.  She added lots of colorful candy to hers.

Here is the boys' flat roof masterpiece.  The little gingerbread marshmallows represented our family and the neighbor's.  So sweet!

The girls were frantically trying to catch up after their minor disaster.  Here is C adding a little more frosting to make it perfect.

Here is the girls' finished house.  It looks great.  They even decorated the lawn to give it some character.

The big house was Nana and my project, although I ended up doing it because she was busy trying to save the girls' house from absolute ruin.

We made a huge mess but we had so much fun!!

After the kids were done with their projects Nana and I decided to work on one of our own.  Candy covered Cones.  Made to look like Christmas trees.  While great in theory, mine didn't turn out as planned.
It looks like a tree the Grinch would of made.  #epiccraftfail

Nana's started out so pretty (which made my disaster, well more of a disaster).  Her candy was straight and staying in place.  That is for the first ten minutes then it became an oozing mess like mine.  Oh well.  We can say we tried it.  We had so much fun laughing at our 'creations' that it made the whole night worth it.  

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